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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 5am  ABC  January 29, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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over the next week. >> can you imagine after the caucuses? >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great friday and an even better weekend, everybody. bye-bye. lebanese a maniac and everyone on the stage is stupid, fact and ugly. >> on eyewitness news 4 days before the iowa caucus, most of the republicans have one last debate. the hot button issues and how can they handle the absence of front runner donald trump. >> and people getting ready to file their tax returns. volunteers are ready to help you get all the money you deserve. >> 5 am, friday 5 am, friday,
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>> we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom watch of the commute . >> good morning. >> give you outside, cooler start, 40s around and still dropping off, 48 ocala, 56 orlando, sweatshirt weather because we will not see a giant kline. gorgeous day, more sunshine moving in clermont citrus tower around 53, 24-hour temperature change 5-15 degrees cooler this morning. there is a look at the satellite radar and finally clouds are leaving, may have a few scattered clouds the cap -- the next couple hours but after that dry, sunday. expects the conditions. seminole county noon, 60. you see the mid-60s and it's going to be breezy, winds today
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10-20 miles an hour. that will keep the breeze around and temperatures in the 60s. eustis leesburg 66 winter garden, apopka 67, deltona, the bear, castle vega mid 60 harmony holopaw through st. cloud and all the way through melbourne. we will see middle 60s for highs. coming up we are going to track how chilly it gets tonight and get into the changes for our weekend. 5:02 am. checking i 4 with deneige. >> i 4 colonial. i-4 westbound coming into downtown orlando you'd still have a one-stop of construction you only have one lane blocked for that so they should pickup the cones within 30 minutes. we also have a spot of construction i-95 southbound at taylor road in volusia county.
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you know jamie? gop candidates went head-to- head in last night's debate days before the iowa caucus. >> as we showed you at 11 front runner donald trump was not there. boycotting in protest over a fox news moderator. eyewitness news this morning janai norman has been going through the debate and the candidates tried to capitalize on trumps absence. >> reporter: without donald trump there last night, senator ted cruz moved sunt -- front and center on the debate stage but all candidates tried to convince voters where they should be president days ahead of monday's caucus. it was the elephant not in the room. donald trump's feud with fox news call moderator megan kelly meant an extra podium on the side of the stage just in case the front runner decided to show up but he did not. and in his absence, candidates tried to take a more civil tone in last night's gop debate still clashing over differences on leadership, electability, and immigration. >> i was for legalization and
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was not so i that is not true. >> we led the fight against amnesty. >> the choose is trying -- you have been willing to say or do anything to get votes. >> let's get things done. >> meanwhile, 3 miles away, donald trump put on his own event raising money for veterans. >> i didn't want to be here. i have to be honest. i wanted to be about 5 minutes away and i have enjoyed that but you have to stick up for your rights. when you are treated badly, you have to stick up for your rights. >> reporter: getting a closer look at how the candidates from florida did last night, for the next half-hour, we will find what former bush main points as they tackle topics. democratic race in iowa is between hillary clinton a bernie sanders grows. in the past couple of days, former president though clinton
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and i one hillary clinton has also been there arguing she will get things done in washington. at the same time, sanders continues to paint clinton a close to wall street. political analysts explaining why the iowa caucus matters in his exclusive blog picture we go to and click on the elections page. we are working to get updates on a person hit by a car on rural center drive in orlando it caused backups imagers district last night. eastbound lanes blocked near i- drive in the road is back on. when we get an update from state troopers about what happened, we will bring into in this newscast an hour -- wftv app getting help from the red cross after a car fire spread to a home in ocala. look at these pictures. you can see the flames shooting from the roof of this home on
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silver springs shores area. it happened last night. you can see firefighters working to put out the car fire and the family was not home at the time and no one hurt state fire marshal's office is investigating what caused it. the marion county sheriff says it would have been illegal to release body cameras and surveillance video of 5 deputies punching, kicking and meaning a suspect any sooner than needed his agency was not investigating. on wednesday we showed you this video of the now former deputies speeding their price during a 2014 drug arrests. after reviewing store surveillance and body camera video the sheriff's office immediately suspended the deputies without pay and sent the case to fdle. before the deputies pleaded guilty and are waiting to be sentenced. the state has taken away a local pediatricians license over accusations he was drinking and taking drugs while treating children. >> so we went straight to the doctor to question him about the allegations. 9 investigates found complaints were filed in october and november of last year claiming doctor norbert falasco was under the influence while treating children. he has documented past issues and pleaded guilty in 2003 to
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but he told us a disgruntled ex- employee made false complaints. >> i love all my babies and children. doctor falasco has been persecuted unnecessarily. >> so you did not put any of the children at risk? >> no, sir. not at all. >> the doctor says he will fight to get his license reinstated piggies 30 days to re-appeal the decision. we posted more of the interview with a doctor online watch it at daytona beach police say a nurse is facing charges for stealing prescription pills from patients in an assisted living center. investigators say 33-year-old time a senator powerful pain pills like oxycodone from 10 patients at the coastal health and rehabilitation center. they say mason told them she took the pills to treat her own headaches and she has been fired from the facility.
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denied stealing the pills. leaders and daytona beach say they are working to get temporary shelter and 100 beds for the homeless who have now been camping at the volusia days. but the issue barely came up at last night's regularly scheduled training meaning. these ongoing issues outside the building including fights charges. volusia county councilman josh wagner says the city has until march 3 to sign an agreement with the county on a long-term shelter and says he is optimistic. >> what i am hearing from the city is everything is moving forward and they want to have contract signed by march 1. even before deadlines. >> as of right now come the city has not said anything in stone leaders have said they would have a solution by the end of the week more than one agenda 60 volunteers were out of the streets to identify how many homeless people live in central florida. these are pictures of the annual point in time count this is a long orange, osceola seminole county's. last year volunteers identified about 2100 homeless people.
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to see a smaller number and we will find out if they get the results they want next month. 9 family connection is teaming with a heart of florida united way to make sure you do not miss out on tax breaks. they are using their call center to help bring dollars to local families. eyewitness news this morning kimberly eiten joins us live and they want to help people maximize their refund. this is a good thing. >> >> reporter: everyone is waiting to take your calls it is very quiet now but i'm told it is about to get noisy in the next few hours. all of these volunteers, workers are try to get the word out on the earned income tax credit and helping colors figure out if they qualify. people in florida missed out on more than $1 billion a potential refunds last year and this tax season the heart of florida united way -- local lease they are using their 211 call ctr. to help residents in seminole, orange and osceola counties figure out if they can get a
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income tax credit. >> anywhere between $503 and $6242. >> you want to make sure they get a resent they can yes we do. it is their own hard-earned money they are getting back. >> -- >> reporter:: to see if you qualify to get free tax advice or preparation and if you do they will direct you to more than 30 volunteer sites in the metro . it is as easy edges dulling 211. you can see these folks are standing by to answer whatever questions you may have and we already signs -- talked with some of them in the next half- hour we are breaking down the basics on how to get the most out of your tax filing. live in orange county, kimberly eiten, eyewitness news this morning. eatonville's mayor says he will unveil plans to build the first national african american museum in florida today. city officials say the $8 million museum will be the largest research center on african-american history and heritage in the state. it will total 124,000 ft.2. we will let you know the plans include starting at 4. 5:10 am.
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, certified meteorologist brian shields in severe weather center 9 will see cool dry stuff. >> brace yourself. sunshine in the forecast for today. look at celebration kissimmee. we will run in the 60s for today. mid 60s through apopka toward colonial town, orlando, avalon park, in the 60s, 67 oviedo and aloma woods, 66 sanford, through volusia county intersections very consistent, a breeze around with temperatures around 67. winds out of the northwest at about 10-24 today. tonight, chilly 45 and coming up the weekend temperatures 5:11 am. >> let's boulevard camera along the beach line at 417 we don't have any issues from the camera shot but troopers are reporting a crash and we can update live traffic tracker and show you where troopers are reporting the crash at the 528
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for 17 at this point it does not look to cause roadblocks and i will let you know the changes. jamie? plans for new housing community are now in jeopardy. the dangers chemical found in the water and what people living nearby are not surprised by the findings. >> a serious allegation aimed at the orange county sheriff's office after traffic stops involving a minor offense. they scared that -- he will this all up because the ceiling
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jamie holmes, 5:14 am. temperatures we are expecting, the rain has moved out of the way and we are going to see cooler, drier weather. brian shields is here and we will let you know what is going to happen for your weekend. >> beautiful. >> right now, a man accused of peeping in high school students bedroom window is still in the orange county jail. >> we are hearing, this frantic about this incident. police say the girl noticed dominic brace and called her mom and then called 911. officers surrounded race ends arrested him 30 minutes later. the 911 call reveals the mother and daughter careful not to start a break before
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>> i'm outside of her door. i don't want to walk in because i don't want to scare him off i want someone to catch them. >> brace has been charged with burglary and voyeurism. the orange county sheriff's office is being accused of possibly targeting black drivers. the aclu says a newly released study shows deputies take in black drivers almost 3 times more often than why drivers in orange county. the aclu says the goal is to defend equality and the sheriff will meet with the organization to discuss this. the aclu is asking the primacy of officers more training, orange county sheriff's office tells us to continually reevaluate its policies, procedures and operations. the changes coming for hundreds of thousands of food stamp recipients in florida. it is part of an effort to keep the grocery store shelves stocked. right now food stamp cards are loaded in the first 12 days of
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that disbursement to be spread out over 20 days. that means for the month of march recipients will get half of the beginning of the month and the rest later in the month on a newly assigned day. the benefits will then have to be stretched until the new date, the following month. nearly 1200 volusia county school employees are set to get a raise over the next 2 years after the union in school district reached an agreement. under the plan, cafeteria workers campus advises, maintenance technicians and bus drivers will get a 3.5 percent raise starting july 1. the deal which also keeps health insurance benefits in place with employees still needs to be voted on by both parties next month. and seminole county some people who live in altamonte springs apartment complex say they are concerned for the ceiling collapsed following this week's severe weather. take a look. residents at the ceiling apartments say they have been months. despite going to the landlord, nothing they say has been done to take care of the issue. >> it is causing them moisture to be in the living room and in the floor. something has to get done. >> the landlord told eyewitness news he has provided residents
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mold and moisture. the city of altamonte springs says it has not had any code violations at the property in 5:17 am. we check weather and traffic . >> it said nancy. >> i'm sorry. i will get you a doughnut. slow down there, buddy. >> 5:17 am. newscast. we are just getting started hour stay tuned. downtown orlando, checking in at about 56 degrees, winds out of the northwest at 14. breezy today. in. 46 in ocala, a tricky day as you dress your kids. go with a sweatshirt but the sun will be okay but sweatshirt weather, 52 deland 54 kissimmee and a jacket this morning and northern tier, 51 as we get toward palm coast. winds are coming out of the
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is trying us out but we will be in the 60s. there the clouds finally exiting the picture heavy rain expected yesterday. but the clouds, showers are moving away so we was a mostly sunny skies for today. the villages 60 at noon, 64 at 2:00 and we will drop off into the 50s as we get toward the evening. so future track we are high and dry finally at a couple of high clouds filtering in in the southern zones and that will be just about it for today so if you work outdoors, on the dry side and there are the train was coming out of the northwest today. that is what will stay below average, advertising and the low 70s and we will run into those 60s big water temperatures 56-63, seas up 4-6 feet. rip currents strong and choppy on the intercoastal. over the forecast, 67 mostly sunny 67 ocala, 66 and kissimmee. 64 my friends in cocoa beach. that tonight, it is going to get chillier.
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days, lots of 40s around, 43 palm coast, 41 ocala, 45 in st. cloud so it will be that chilly start to our saturday the saturday we bump up some, most of the highs running near 70. don't forget, plenty of weekend events including at the speedway, check out our app, for all of the events going on this weekend. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view. there is that 70 tomorrow. gorgeous on sunday and 74 and we was immune for -- a few more clouds and milder then we warm up early next week ahead of the next storm system. 78 money, 80 tuesday. the next system them of the front will arrive by wednesday. 5:20 am. a look at construction deneige. >> a spot of construction and volusia county, i-95 southbound at taylor road you have one lane blocked and then coming into orange county we have a crash orange avenue at larue avenue and troopers have not updated if it is causing a roadblock so if you are heading in that direction, slowdown through the stretch.
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the 417 at orange avenue. one right lane is blocked. nancy, jamie? drivers could soon have a new specialty license plate -- new plates to choose from. senate health committee discusses 9 different bills including one creating a play for the orlando city soccer club picked exciting. another proposal will unlimited plates with annual sales dropping below 4000 there are 122 specialty plates available in the state. local family has to get rid of their backyard chickens. why those birds could cost the family hundreds of dollars. republicans debating the issues in one last debate before the iowa caucus. how the candidates from florida handled the key issues. push why a father says the state is actually making it
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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5:24 am. volusia county fathers push to make bus stops sabres being stalled by red light cameras. he supporting a bill that would allow district to put cameras on buses to catch people who pass buses illegally. his daughter was killed in the very and 2010. some lawmakers do not want any
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the mayor is upset that they will support tougher penalties but drop cameras. >> it is all common sense. and the most perfect piece of legislation found the session but it is not moving. so mac a survey done last november found nearly 11,000 drivers illegally pass school buses across the state and one day. >> unacceptable. covering orange county, transportation officials plan to add the median to improve a busy road they say have been the scene of more than 2 dozen crashes. department of transportation said 30 t-bone crashes have been reported at the goldenrod intersections with quail pond street in the last 4 years. at a meeting last night fdo t plans to add medians which will allow hat left-hand turns to cut down on the problem. orange county deputies scanned a social worker with ms. universal orlando tickets
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summer gi brought children her mom and friend or an 11 day vacation she says she was responding to an ad and met kevin bauer at a walmart to buy several tickets for $75 each. i'm inc. you know it's going. when she went to the park she found tickets were not good deputies found bauer and arrested him. is a new edition is coming to disney world sports complex plans found the state shows disney west to build a 280 square -- a venue at the espn wide world of sports complex but disney did not specify what the venue would before. stay tuned. florida voters will decide if medical marijuana will be legal in our state. >> how the group behind the initiative plans to attract more voters who are ready to vote yes. recapping last night's debate days ahead of the iowa caucus. at 6:30 breaking down what florida candidates had to say about defense and leadership. affront moved by and we will track the change in
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for the weekend.
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